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SDI Student Mini-Grant Application
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Event Date
Is this an annual event?
Is this an annual event?
Event Goals
How does this event align with SDI's mission of fostering diversity and inclusion in the Missouri S&T community by providing a welcoming climate for all students; supporting underrepresented students, promoting awareness about female and multicultural related issues, first generation, and low income students from all walks of life through programming, retention, and mentoring initiatives.
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Student Funding Agreement
The following contains important information regarding the funding process, should the Student Diversity Initiatives approve your request.
  • Funding Notification & Transfer:
    • Funded student organizations are required to submit pictures of event and receipts to no more than 2 (two) weeks after the event. Please submit at least two pictures of the event and all receipts associated with the event that were not already included in budget proposal. SDI reserves the right to withhold distribution of funds if the above conditions are not met.  Additionally, organizations may lose eligibility for future funding.
    • Promotion: If SDI sponsors the proposed event, the organization(s) must list SDI as a (co)-sponsor on event promotion. If SDI is not listed as a co-sponsor on the event publicity, the organization(s) will become ineligible for future SDI funding.
Questions or concerns about your application and funding eligibility may be directed to the SDI office at
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