Community Cart Request Form

Please complete the form to the best of your ability. Some fields are required. Forms are submitted directly to Student Diversity Initiatives. The information provided from this form will only be seen by the staff responsible for the food pantry and used for internal reporting. Personal information will be kept confidential and only statistical information will be used. Information given on this application will not affect your use of the Community Cart Food Pantry.
Are there other individuals in your household that you are financially responsible for?
Do you have children you are financially responsible for?
Please check the following items you will use. Please note this information is used for guidance in stocking and filling requests. **Some items may not be available at this time but potentially available later**
Acceptance of Free Food and Waiver of Liability
By typing my name below, I acknowledge receipt of free food from the Community Cart Food Pantry. I understand this is a gift and not a reoccurring obligation by Missouri S&T or the Community Cart Food Pantry. I further understand and agree that by accepting this donated food I freely and voluntarily, with full knowledge, hold harmless and in no way liable or responsible for the quality, condition or packaging of the food, Missouri S&T, its officers, agents, employees, students, volunteers, and food suppliers.