The Kummer Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) Doctoral Fellows application package must include a letter from the Missouri S&T nominator that speaks to the record of innovation and entrepreneurship and/or potential of the student and advisor (500-word limit). This nominator can be the projected advisor. Innovation and entrepreneurship is broadly defined; it may include, but is not limited to, IP applications/disclosures, copyrights, patents, and other innovative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Candidates will be evaluated on their previous academic performance, research and scholarship record, and their potential for innovative and entrepreneurial success.

The Kummer I&E Fellows application must include a declaration of full financial support (at a level in accordance with S&T GTA/GRA policies) for the nominated student in the event the student is not chosen for this fellowship program. 

The program is not open to our current graduate students, as the goal is to attract new students to our graduate programs.

There is no limit to the number of nominations from departments; however, nominated students should represent the strongest applicants with the highest innovation and entrepreneurship potential.